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Club Roots is a global, science-led biopharmaceutical company focusing on discovery, development, and commercialization of treatments for hair growth

Advanced Technology

Designed in California, Made in the USA

How does Club Roots compare?

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Recommended by hair restoration offices worldwide


On-staff team of MDs specialized in hair growth research


Treatments manufactured in our own FDA-approved facility and not outsourced


Advanced molecule extraction and creation


Our topical treatment system enhances the ability of topical Minoxidil to increase hair growth


Third Party Studies

We load our products with clinically proven active ingredients that are both validated by external studies, and then our internal studies.

Apple P1 Extract

Apple P1 Extract have regeneretive therapeutic properties on hair and hair health.  


A potent anti-oxidant, Resveratrol reduces perifollicular fibrosis, or the hardening of the hair follicle shaft

Procyanidin B-2

A phytochemical from apples, Procyanidin is one of the most promising hair growth active ingredients.  In an independent Japanese study, users who used Procyanidin B-2 experienced similar growth to Minoxidil.

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