Roots Hair Growth Shampoo

High Performance Hair Stimulating Shampoo and Conditioner

Roots Shampoo and Conditioner deliver superior hair results-for both men and women-who are facing any issues relating to follicular dysfunction, including hair loss, thinning hair, or alopecias.  Roots Shampoo was formulated specifically to revitalize your hair roots, where the activity of your hair follicle occurs.  Your hair follicle is the base of your hair that causes all new growth, and keeps your hair in it's maintainance state.  Roots Shampoo is powered by earth grown active ingredients that are associated with faster hair growth and new hair growth after any episode of hair loss.  Compounds inside Roots Shampoo that help include DHT blockers.  Roots Shampoo works for all hair types, is color safe, and has no undesirable harsh chemicals (sulfates, parabens, etc.)

Key Features of the Roots Shampoo

Where is Club Roots Sold?

Club Roots can be found at physicians offices around the country, including the following:

Clinically Studied

Powerful active ingredients power the Roots Shampoo

Hair Growth Improvement

Hair Length Improvement

Hair Density Improvement

Wecome to Club Roots

Club Roots is a global, science-led biopharmaceutical company focusing on discovery, development, and commercialization of treatments for hair growth

Advanced Technology

Designed in California, Made in the USA

Grow Further

Each active ingredient has a purpose in supporting healthier hair growth

Apple P1 Extract

Apple P1 Extract has regeneretive therapeutic properties on hair and hair health.  


A potent anti-oxidant, Resveratrol reduces perifollicular fibrosis, or the hardening of the hair follicle shaft

Procyanidin B-2

A phytochemical from apples, Procyanidin is one of the most promising hair growth active ingredients

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