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Introducing Spark

Spark was introduced by Club Roots in order to provide continuous DHT blocking and hair stimulation throughout the day.  By using Spark, you can grow further than just using Minoxidil 5% alone.

How Do I Use Spark Plus?

This treatment is offered in both an atomizer and with an applicator brush.  Simply spray the atomizer 15 times to your hairline and scalp, with a focus on delivering the product to your hair roots.  

It should be applied twice daily for maximum results and early stage hair stimulation.

What can I expect using Spark Plus?

95% of Club Members experience stronger, longer, healthier hair growth when using Spark Plus as part of their daily hair growth routine

Can I use Spark Plus with any other treatment options?

Yes!  A lot of Club Members choose to use Club Roots as part of an overall hair growth routine that features natural supplements, doctor recommended prescriptions, or even post-hair transplant.

Does this block DHT?

Spark Plus contains a patent-pending DHT-RX5 complex, which works to remove DHT near your hair roots, as well as inactivating the 5-alpha reductase enzyme which produces DHT in the first place.

Advanced Technology Powers Spark.Plus

NEOhair Technology

Club Roots treats hair loss topically, the first time, and every time.  Our treatments deliver multiple active ingredients directly to your hair roots.

This avoids the need for supplements.  Supplements are great for essential vitamins and minerals.  For hair loss prevention and hair growth, the Club Roots medical team recommends treating the condition with topical treatments.

"Why would you take a supplement, which affects every single body system, when you can send these ingredients directly to your hair roots?" says Dr. Luna, MD.  "Our treatments work by delivering ingredients directly to where you need them, at your hair roots."

Broad Spectrum DHT Blockers

DHT is one of the reasons people lose hair.  Unfortunately, once-a-day finasteride only blocks 80% of this molecule in your body.  By adding Club Roots to your hair growth routine, you'll block additional DHT.

By using broad spectrum DHT Blockers, Club Roots improves any other hair growth treatment program you are using, and can effectively block the majority of DHT at your hair roots.

There are a lot of Club Members that ask if we recommend prescription finasteride, or "naturopathic" solutions for blocking DHT.  Because there are strong opinions on both sides, Club Roots official position is to take no position on this question.

Real Results with Spark Plus


Photos taken of a verified Club Member participating in our vip tracking system.  Photos were taken after 6 months of usage of the Club Roots Total Hair Optimization program.  Results can and will vary.  All club members must agree to our terms and service.

Block DHT at the Roots

The crown area of your scalp can be the most sensitive to DHT, and therefore the most prone to hair loss.  Our topical program is so effective at blocking DHT that for some Club Members, they experience even further regrowth.

Pictured here is a Club Member who came to us after failure on other therapies.  For us, failure means that the loss areas have not stabilized.  After using Total Hair Optimization program, the Club Member experienced further growth and recovery of this area.